28 december 2013

Tebori Styles & Design


Tsuki-bori is a methodology of traditional Japanese hand tattooing that, according to the records of the Tokai Tattoo Club of Japan, is a reference to the "thrust" method of tattooing based in Osaka and western prefectures.


According to the Journal of the Tokai Tattoo Club of Japan, hane-bori is a reference to "sweep-up," a method of Tebori hand tattooing rhythms employed by artists of Tokyo and the Eastern Areas of Japan.

Often, the tsuki-Bori method is looked upon as a simplistic method of Tebori tattooing, less difficult to master than hane-bori.

Tebori Design
Tebori tattoos contain rich, multi-layered pieces of art, with each aspect contributing to the whole design.
the fading of black work used to graduate shading in traditional, often used in clouds and sword swipes.

sometimes referring to tattooing near the armpits, on the inside of the thigh or in the private or "secret" places on the body, also the hiding of words in the petals of flowers.

fine lines, such as, but not limited to, hair.

secondary images in order to support the other image.


when an artist tattoos a traditional character in Tebori that was tattooed, the tattoos of that character must be correctly portrayed in the received tattoo.

to tattoo only the main image without the support of keshow-bori.

outline of a tattoo, "Suji" meaning “line.”

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